The Seriousness of the Kessler Syndrome

A computer simulation made by the Institute for Air and Spacesystems at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, shows the distribution and movement of space debris at present and in future.
Image Credit: AP / TU Braunschweig
A computer simulation made by the Institute for Air and Spacesystems at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, shows the distribution and movement of space debris at present and in future. Image Credit: AP / TU Braunschweig

A computer simulation made by the Institute for Air and Spacesystems at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, shows the distribution and movement of space debris at present and in future.
Image Credit: AP / TU Braunschweig

The problem with space debris isn’t that it’s just a problem of having all this trash floating around, or that it will have an environmental impact (since anything that re-enters the atmosphere typically disintegrates). The real problem with space debris is the speed of that debris, and the possibility that said debris will impact other (more valuable) objects in orbit. And we’re not talking about a fender-bender here; we’re talking about two rather fragile thousand-pound objects colliding at speeds of tens of thousands of miles an hour.

In the event that two objects impact one-another, the collision creates a massive debris cloud which is also traveling at thousands of miles an hour. Anything from stray solar panels to a screw could obliterate another spacecraft (imagine a screw traveling 20,000 miles an hour). That debris would then hit other objects in orbit, which creates more debris and hits more objects and….you get the picture.

Image Credit: ESA

Image Credit: ESA

This scenario is called Kessler Syndrome, after the NASA scientist Donald Kessler who first realized the problem back in the late 70’s. If enough objects collided in orbit, this would spell disaster for all orbital operations; this domino effect of collision and subsequent debris fields wouldn’t just devastate all current space operations, but would effectively eliminate the possibility of any future space operations (as anything else we would launch into orbit would be destroyed and create even more debris, thus making the problem even worse).

The bad news: orbital collisions have already occurred. The very first (accidental) collision took place in 2009 between two communication satellites, one from the U.S. and the other Russian. And a massive debris cloud was detected after the collision took place.

The reassuring news: currently we are able to track orbital debris and its trajectories, and can order spacecraft to alter course to avoid any possible collisions.

The scary news: currently we are tracking over 300,000 pieces of orbital debris that are 1 centimeter or larger.

Projected amount of orbital debris resulting from the Kessler Syndrome if spaceflight is stopped for the next 200 years Image Credit: NASA

Projected amount of orbital debris resulting from the Kessler Syndrome if spaceflight is stopped for the next 200 years Image Credit: NASA

The good (awesome) news: Many companies and government agencies are coming up with plans to deal with the problem, but a company that I’ve been particularly interested in and following lately has a plan and intends to follow through with it (and on the cheap). It’s not hard to get rid of it; you just have to slow it down enough so it re-enters the atmosphere and burns up. And the Swiss Space Systems (or S3), teamed up with École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, or EPFL for short…more or less a government-funded Swiss version of CalTech or MIT) has a plan to do just that.

Take a look at the video to see what they have in mind.

And remember kids, always clean up your trash. You can’t even imagine who’s day you might be wrecking.

186 thoughts on “The Seriousness of the Kessler Syndrome

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  2. Sasha Black

    Here is another image showing the extent of man-made orbital debris.

    “Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.” -Douglass Adams

    • Michael Donovan Aparicio

      True, don’t confuse sensational graphics with information. Still, if the article is accurate, we’ve identified 300,000 pieces of debris, there already has been an accidental collision, and we’re developing contingency plans. Is it a nonissue? Hard to know without more data. Is it good to develop protocols before it becomes a problem? Yes.

    • Sasha Black

      I don’t disagree that the kessler syndrome could cause trouble somewhere down the line, but I hate sensationalism when so many people are incapable of taking a step back and realising when a story is over-hyped

    • Beverly Richardson

      the vastness of space is just incomprehensible to us insignificant beings…In my opinion, the universe is infinite…blows my mind and I can’t contemplate it too long or I will lose my mind…

    • Jon Illum

      I get the point but, no matter the size of the dot that is still a f*ckload of dots and we just barely started putting them up there not too long ago. This is not sensationalized when you keep the large scale of time in mind. We should really stop putting crap up there or at least clean up the old debris before we put up new satellites.

    • Marlon Namledeen

      ok….i’m kidding…it’s space debris from previous missions and collisions of satellites…the bulk of the junk comes down onto earth and burns up but some of it continues orbiting the earth at high speeds creating small deadly rings of garbage

    • Mike Wargo

      some day a company might be started and it might be profitable to collect and recycle this debris, lolz. Either that or the government will pay people to do it with tax money.

    • Ryan Flannery

      It’s a problem that needs to be hyped when we’re talking about the future of space programs we have to be good global citizens and not clutter LEO that could potentially hamper future space development. It’s a preventable problem and in some bands of orbit nasa has looked at ways of removing it before the critical density necessary to create kessler syndrome like events.

      I see nothing wrong with the data represented in this post, even a penny sized debris can take down a satellite thus exponentially increasing the amount of debris. Especially when the only call to action is “hey, maybe we should de-orbit some satellites or be sure lower stages don’t achieve a parking orbit”

    • From Quarks to Quasars

      A fair point, certainly. However, if I may defend the graphic for a moment:

      How does one raise awareness about certain issues or concerns if they can’t get people to pay attention? This is one of the primary concerns of all science writers. I think that we all (all science writers) tread a thin line. On one side, we have to be wary of being sensationalist or exaggerating facts. On the other side, we have to convey the significance of the topic at hand to a culture that is (generally speaking) more interested in Jersey Shore than science or a sustainable future. Of course, I don’t mean to exclude myself from the rest of society–people have to work to get my attention as well. Regardless, the point remains, and we are forced to walk a thin line.

      So admittedly, the graphic makes things look nasty; however, I think that the article explains the issue in a fairly honest and non-sensationalist way (but then, I suppose I come from a rather biased viewpoint, which should be obvious given that I write for FQTQ).

      I’d like to think that we give readers all of the necessary information to properly interpret any graphic that we post. Largely, the problem seems to be that people do not actually *read* the articles; they just look at the graphics. At the very least, when assigning blame for sensationalist ideas, I think that the readers are often as culpable as the writers.

      All the best,

    • Guiseppe Gavazza

      Your image (the one not showing debris) is incorrect and considered dis-information. The space debris is surrounding Earth because it’s in orbit.. no it isn’t going to go floating off into other galaxies and vanish.

  3. Andy Brown

    yes well lol we seem to LOVE destroying shit ….this is no surprise. We havent even touched on space yet ( in the grand scheme of things anyway) and already we have created a giant sheild of trash around the planet…lovely…

  4. Héctor Adolfo Ituarte

    Pardon me, not being a native English speaker I might be wrong about this: but isn’t ‘starred’ the correct word? (As to designate a person/object/whatever in the protagonical role of a film/show/play.)

  5. Zunaid Baderdien

    Dear Sasha Black, it’s exactly that kind of arrogant indifference that will see us ruin the only home we have. You must be American, Republican and white. It’s our waste and we have a responsibility to clean it up!

    • Carlos Buendia

      Dear mr. dick.this is a science page she stated science facts and you throw nationality,political and race cards.i dont think you know the meaning of arrogant indeference.your bigotry is whats gonna ruin this place.

    • Aretta Surles

      Hey Zunaid Baderdien. Im an American and Im white but Im not a Republican :). Besides which non of that has anything to do with personal responsibility. I totally agree with you that it’s our responsibility to clean up our waste. But what you just did was equally disgusting and very similar to throwing out your own space debris. It was a philosophical fallacy. You don’t attack a persons character you attack the argument. So take that as a lesson in bettering yourself, as a human being.

    • Boyd Dunson

      Speaking of space and whatnot, I was astonished when I watched an old Outer Limits ep on dvd and they had guys walking around on Mars in tee shirts and breathing the “air”. I know it was fifty years ago but their science was very bad.

    • Josh Tasman

      @Carlos, she quoted Douglas Adams from the book Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a comedy. Also when it comes to orbiting a tiny planet like ours space is not that vast at all, this pictures shows that shit is filling up pretty quick. Zunaid, fail troll 0/10

    • Noah Peseckis

      Being white and republican has nothing to do with this, and furthermore your assertions are racist, bigoted, ignorant trash. Space exploration needs to be objective, honest, and free of preconceived notions if we are going to have any chance of succeeding with it.

      I agree that our orbital hoarding a serious problem, I’m white, and I’m relatively republican. If you think any of that matters you are literally a racist. Look it up. Keep your hatred to yourself and stop believing secondhand information.

    • Ryan Flannery

      Carlos Buendia I agree with the first part of your statement, however Ms Black didn’t cite any type of science, he’s not wrong, from the picture he posted you can’t see any space debris, but you also can’t see any viruses that cause the flu and may other problems that arise from something you can’t see or is, by scale, small. There is clearly a misunderstanding of what people intend to do with space debris, it’s known that there is no good way at the current time to de-orbit all these bits of junk but we can plan our future space missions to de orbit when done, and not do leave junk in low earth orbit.

    • Sasha Black

      From the pic I posted you also can’t see global warming, human overpopulation or any other global issues our species faces.
      I am not denying that space debris is a problem. LEO debris is particularly troublesome because of how much it limits launch windows.
      Also. What does race, political leaning or birth country have to do with anything? Stereotypes hurt everybody :(

    • Brett Bonine

      Well, Saturn’s rings are all in the same plane, meaning all of your satellites would be over the same latitude and longitude- not a very good way to mine the entire planet. If some ancient race of Saturnians (or whatever you would call them) wanted to harvest all of Saturn’s gas, they would need to create some sort of Dyson sphere around the planet. If the satellites had a proper resonance with Saturn, they would pass over a different spot with each successive orbit, allowing them to cover the entire planet. As to how they would collect gas from orbiting satellites traveling at hypersonic velocities is beyond me, but hey. Speculation can be fun every once in a while.

    • Bryant Baker

      Not sure what the point of mining saturn for gas would be you can get the exact same gases from tons of other sources that would require less energy to escape its massive gravity well

  6. Erwin Orval

    Best option… Destroy all humans!!!!! We make everything dirty…. first only planet Earth…. than the space around Earth ..than the moon… mars…. if we ever build a warp drive to visit other planets and find life we gonna make there planet dirty to!! See… WE humans are the biggest danger for the whole universe.. we filty dirty people! ;)

  7. Brandon Butts

    Only issue I have with this image is obviously the debris is not to scale. 300,000 pieces is nothing in comparison to the size of the earth and the varying altitudes everything is orbiting at.

  8. sdinjens

    Seems rather cumbersome to me. Why not send a laser up and slow debris down by shooting it? Or even a conventional gun could do quite a good job. Until ammo runs out that is…

  9. JBOT

    But what do all the different coloured dots mean? it is pointless to make a chart if you dont explain the chart!

  10. Walter Abington

    I first became aware of the space trash problem when watching the series ‘Max Headroom’ and people were walking around with umbrella hats because of the falling trash from the sky.

  11. Scott Flick

    Well, the bigger satellites can be retrieved and I did conceive an Ider for sweeping up the small pieces. a giant ball of ballistic gel in orbit launch it into the path of known particles better in problem areas and they get buried in the ballistic gel after that thing makes enough intercepting Orbitz to pick them all up. After its done, we send it into a burn up re entry over the Pacific Ocean. simple a?

  12. DutchS

    Most of the big stuff now is de-orbited when its useful life ends. This solution is pretty clunky since it requires a satellite launch to bring down just one satellite. We need something to sweep the small crap.

    Try this for a nightmare scenario. A rogue state with space capability puts up a satellite at geosynchronous altitude, but retrograde. It’s a giant claymore mine, and they detonate it. We now have millions of chunks of debris hitting every geosynchronous satellite. And there are other critical orbits, too, like navsat and sun-synchronous orbits.

  13. Mark Blaschke

    This might just be the force of universal intelligence protecting itself from us by trapping us in our own pollution so we don’t mess up the rest of the universe.

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