New Discovery Simplifies Quantum Physics

Artist’s rendering of the amplituhedron, a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions. Encoded in its volume are the most basic features of reality that can be calculated — the probabilities of outcomes of particle interactions. Illustration by Andy Gilmore

Artist’s rendering of the amplituhedron, a newly discovered mathematical object resembling a multifaceted jewel in higher dimensions. Encoded in its volume are the most basic features of reality that can be calculated — the probabilities of outcomes of particle interactions.
Illustration by Andy Gilmore

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, quantum mechanics just got easier to understand. A team of physicists have released a paper showing their discovery of a jewel-like geometric structure that takes equations, which can be thousands of terms long, and simplifies them to a single term. This discovery is poised to dramatically simplify the equations particle physicists use when calculating particle interactions. It also proposes the uncomfortable idea that space and time are not fundamental aspects of our reality, and it brings us much closer to unifying gravity and quantum theory under one comprehensive model.

The discovery comes on the heels of decades of research in particle interactions. Particle interactions are some of the most basic and common events found in nature. Traditionally, these interactions have been very difficult or even impossible to calculate. Scientists required the use of the world’s most powerful computers to calculate even the simplest interactions. This new geometric structure, called the amplituhedron, is so simple that a particle physicist could calculate these interactions, by hand, on a single sheet of paper.

That, in case you were wondering, is insanely impressive. Harvard University theoretical physicist, Jacob Boujaily, and founder of this idea, said, “The degree of efficiency is mind-boggling. You can easily do, on paper, computations that were unfeasible even with a computer before.”

The Basic Idea

This theory is revolutionary on a number of fronts. At the moment, it’s being catapulted into the forefront of grand unified theory research. Some physicists suspect that a geometric object similar to the amplituhedron could eventually lead to a bridge that connects the physics of the very large with the physics of the very small. To date, all of the unified theories that are proposed are riddled with serious and deep-rooted problems, such as paradoxes and infinities. To unify macro and micro physics, the amplituhedron is paving the way to eliminate two of physics deeply rooted points and some of quantum theory’s central pillars: locality and unitarity.

Image Credit: Georg Johann

Image Credit: Georg Johann

Simply put, unitarity is the idea that the sum of all probabilities describing every potential outcome of any quantum event is always equal to one (yes, that was the simple was of saying it). This places an inherent restriction on the amount of evolution that is allowed in any quantum system. Following the same “simple” trend, locality is basically the idea that particles can only interact with, and be influenced by, particles occupying space immediately surrounding them. It’s important to note that locality exists in quantum mechanics largely because special relativity insists upon it. Experimentally, we have shown through quantum entanglement that there seems to be a way to get around locality in the quantum world. In contrast, unitarity is a mathematical construction that helps to make nice round equations. In quantum field theory, both locality and unitarity are central concepts, but there is a catch. When attempting to add gravity to quantum theory, under certain situations, these two pillars (locality and unitarity) break down and stop working. This presents some amount of evidence that neither principle is a fundamental aspect of nature.

This is where the amplituhedron comes in. This geometric shape isn’t constructed by using the probabilities innate to spacetime, but instead suggests that the nature of spacetime is an attribute of the geometry of the amplituhedron. Our idea about the fabric of reality is just that– fabricated, an imaginary construct we have laying over the deeper and more fundamental construction of spacetime. According to David Skinner, a theoretical physicist who calls the Cambridge University home, “It’s a better formulation that makes you think about everything in a completely different way.”

The Complicated World of Particle Interactions

The amplituhedron is a very menacing, beautiful, complicated, multifaceted object that exists in higher dimensions. In principle, you can use the volume of this object to calculate all of the most basic features of reality, known in quantum mechanics as “scattering amplitudes.” This computation describes the probabilities of particles changing into other particles when colliding. These types of calculations are routinely made and tested at particle colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). To understand the importance of the amplituhedron, we must first look at where it all began, 60-years ago with the development of Feynman diagrams.

Image <a href="">source</a>

Image source

Named after the Nobel winning Richard Feynman, these diagrams describe all of the ways a particle could scatter, and then the likelihood of any given outcome actually occurring. Feynman diagrams range from the trivially simple to the impossibly difficult. The simplest Feynman diagrams resemble trees, while the more complicated ones have one or more loops that explain particles turning into a virtual particle. A virtual particle is interesting because they aren’t observed in nature, but many physicists have regarded them as a mathematical necessity because they were required to achieve unitarity.

Though Feynman’s diagrams were a stroke of genius , they were simply the wrong tool to use to calculate nuclear particle interactions. In fact, the fact that we are able to compute anything at all is the prime discovery of the computer age; the number of diagrams required to describe something as simple as the 2-gluon to 4-gluon interaction gets so explosively large that scientists didn’t start those computations until the age of computers.  You see, to describe the collision of two gluons that result in four gluons in a lower energy state, particle physicists at the LHC require the use of 220 Feynman diagrams. Together, these diagrams represent thousands of terms involved in the computation that are necessary to determine the scattering amplitude. In short, scientists have realized that Feynman diagrams, though beautiful, are effective ways to calculate a single mathematical object–they are laborious, require many different pieces, and are so numerous that it makes it difficult to do computations even with computers. Physicists are trying to move from that “incalculable” process to a single calculation that (thought difficult) is possible for humans to do (and certainly much easier for computers).

This started with theoretical work preparing for the completion of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) that was to be built in Texas (but eventually canceled). Physicists wanted to create a background framework describing scattering amplitudes with which to test the SSC and look for exotic or interesting signals. Physicists quickly determined that creating such a framework for even simple 2-gluon to 4-gluon interactions was so complicated that “they may not be evaluated in the foreseeable future.” Then, in the 1980s, this gluon interaction was simplified from an equation containing several billion terms to a single formula 9-pages long. This was an expression computers of the time could handle, and quantum field theory got a little more manageable. This type of simplifying laid the groundwork for the amplituhedron.

Enter: The Amplituhedron

Though the gluon simplification was achieved in the mid-1980s, it took a couple of decades for particle physicists to really start putting that revolution to use. This started in the mid-2000s when physicists started to find patterns in the scattering amplitudes – and you know how much physicists like patterns. This started the general trend of thought that an underlying mathematical structure might be supporting quantum field theory.

Twistor diagrams depicting an interaction between six gluons, in the cases where two (left) and four (right) of the particles have negative helicity, a property similar to spin. The diagrams can be used to derive a simple formula for the 6-gluon scattering amplitude.  Credit: Arkani-Hamed et al.

Twistor diagrams
Credit: Arkani-Hamed et al.

Eventually, twistor variables and their corresponding diagrams were developed, which attempted to simplify Feynman diagrams even further. These diagrams moved away from describing particle interactions in familiar variables, such as time and position, and used twistor variables instead. These diagrams worked, and gained rapid acceptance among particle physicists, but scientists didn’t understand how they worked, why they worked, or what made them so simple. Arkani-Hamed provides a colorful description by saying, “The terms in these relations were coming from a different world, and we wanted to understand what that world was.”

The amplituhedron didn’t start coming to light until December of 2012 with the discovery of the positive Grassmannian. This geometric object is the result from studying the relationship between recursion relations and their corresponding twistor diagrams. According to the paper, these diagrams act as an instruction manual for calculating the volume of portions of the positive Grassmannian. This object consists of a region of N-dimensional space bounded intersecting planes (where N is the number of interacting particles).

This geometric structure was exciting, but incomplete. The positive Grassmannian’s construction was being restricted by locality and unitarity. Instead of falling together as eloquent things tend to fall together, something was missing. The prevailing idea was that determining the scattering amplitude had to be the answer to some other mathematical question. It turns out, that idea was right.

Credit: Nima Arkani-Hamed

Credit: Nima Arkani-Hamed

The scattering amplitude was determined to be the volume of the amplituhedron. Natalie Wolchover from the Simon Foundation best describes this mathematical structure,”The details of a particular scattering process dictate the dimensionality and facets of the corresponding amplituhedron. The pieces of the positive Grassmannian that were being calculated with twistor diagrams and then added together by hand were building blocks that fit together inside this jewel, just as triangles fit together to form a polygon.”

To reiterate the awesomeness of this achievement, the diagram pictured here is a sketch of an amplituhedron depicting an 8-gluon particle interaction. If you were to attempt to use Feynman diagrams to represent this, you’d be dealing with about 500 pages of algebra.

If the discovery of the amplituhedron wasn’t cool enough, physicists have also discovered a “master amplituhedron.” This object has an infinite number of sides (similar to how a circle has an infinite number of sides in two dimensions) and it can, in theory, describe every possible physical process. All of the amplituhedra that exist in lower dimensions should exist on one of the master’s facets. Skinner describes this structure as having powerful calculational ability and talks of it’s incredible suggestiveness since “they suggest that thinking in terms of spacetime was not the right way of going about this.”

Quantum Gravity: The Future of Physics

This idea has very profound implications. Thus far, all of our theories attempting to unify gravity with quantum mechanics have failed. Because of this, scientists have an impossible time describing the internal workings of black holes, the singularity that started the big bang, and other important objects and events. Ideas like string theory are at the forefront of this research, but they tend to be confusing or unproven/unprovable (or both). According to Arkani-Hamed, ” We can’t rely on the usual familiar quantum mechanical space-time pictures of describing physics. We have to learn new ways of talking about it. This work is a baby step in that direction.”


Image Credit: <a href="">Charles Imes</a>

Image Credit: Charles Imes

It’s very important to note that the amplituhedron, even though it doesn’t include unitarity and locality, also doesn’t include gravity. Physicists are in the middle of working on that very problem. It’s possible the amplituhedron contains the answer to quantum gravity, finally unifying the four fundamental forces of physics, or it’s possible the final geometric shape we seek is a little different.

This work is fantastic, very exciting, and moving along very quickly. As physicists seek to understand the meaning of the amplituhedron the rest of the world gets to wait with bated breath to learn of their findings. It’s possible we could have another Einsteinian-type revolution of our understanding of the nature of reality within our lifetimes. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

677 thoughts on “New Discovery Simplifies Quantum Physics

    • Bryce Chudomelka

      Actually, classical physics comes out of quantum mechanics. We can easily derive these quantities from quantum mechanics. Furthermore, we can derive Schrodinger’s equation from the path integral. The issue is how can we incorporate gravity into quantum mechanics. This is the problem. The problem is not how do we reconcile Classical Physics with Quantum Physics. @Matt Koeller

    • From Quarks to Quasars

      I might argue with you on that, but just on a point of definition. In context, classical physics was used to describe macrophysics (relativity and such). The cornerstone of macrophysics is gravity. We have GSR which deal with gravity and the ways mass interacts with spacetime and we have quantum mechanics which has a cornerstone in the standard model of particle physics, which is the unification of the other three forces.

      So, to unify classical physics with quantum theory is to unify gravity with quantum mechanics. But, again, my argument is that of definitions.


    • Bryce Chudomelka

      To the contrary, the reason why we distinguish between classical physics and quantum physics is because the differential equations in classical physics continuously describe the motion of objects between two points in time. So, the equations represent everything in a continious fashion.

      Where as with QM, the equations are concerned with events and do not accurately describe things in a continuous fashion between two points in time. It’s is the discretization(quantization) that causes us to abandon the concept of continuity which is where classical mechanics and quantum mechanics depart.

      That is the fundamental difference between classical mechanics and quantum mechanics. Now, how do we know they are connected? We know this because, mathematically, as a consequence of particular axioms we can derive classical laws from quantum mechanical laws.

      You’re right though! Gravity is the issue and we have reconciled every other classical theory with quantum mechanics except Gravity.

      Thank you for your work. Cheers.

    • Phil Le Mottee

      Of course the fact that gravity HASN’T been reconciled with quantum mechanics should not be over looked. It has been (and still is) my main reason to harbour doubts that we are on the right track at all. Without this reconciliation, we will have to discard it and start again. I have own theory and it’s quite different.

    • Rob Gardner

      Gravity is a relic and will eventually be ruled out as a force. There are smaller, more precise “forces” dwelling just beneath G’s skin, awaiting recognition. That, or it’s much more simple than that and we’re trying way too hard.

    • James H Keefer

      It all depends in what context you are working. The “older” concepts can still apply considering what the question is. It depends on how you frame the question, define parameters in which results will matter. for example time, space, speedl may require some transition of protocols etc.

    • Rishi Freejoy

      I think gravity is a consequence of inertia, not a real force to me Everything vibrates and spins, and hence there are all types of inertial inter interactions occurring. Inertia is inherent in not only the objects themselves but also the medium in which they move. As we zoom in or out in scale (energy levels), the inertial interactions on each level change and relate by some proportionality constant. Couple that with an understanding of EM at short and long ranges at various scales, again with the proportionality constant, and you have a framework for a unified field theory.

  1. Ken McElroy

    Nice writeup, but needs a little more proof-reading – some very strange sentences in there that I had to read a few times before I realized a word was missing or the completely wrong word was used.

  2. Ken McElroy

    Nice writeup, but needs a little more proof-reading – some very strange sentences in there that I had to read a few times before I realized a word was missing or the completely wrong word was used.

  3. Chris Trboyevich

    Is this simply finding a closed form of an mathematical equation which was previously expressed as a infinite series? To me that’s what it means that a shape can represent a function.

  4. Chris Trboyevich

    Is this simply finding a closed form of an mathematical equation which was previously expressed as a infinite series? To me that’s what it means that a shape can represent a function.

  5. Riekie Briel

    I see lots of triangles, half oblong circles, rectangles…well some of us still love this site though we – actually and probably just I am too simple minded to vent any opinion other that blocks, circles and triangles :)

  6. Riekie Briel

    I see lots of triangles, half oblong circles, rectangles…well some of us still love this site though we – actually and probably just I am too simple minded to vent any opinion other that blocks, circles and triangles :)

  7. Chris Singer

    i have seen the jewl like structures already, in a mushroom experience I had, which answered the meaning of life. We are all apart of something huge, we are it. separated and embodied into these physical forms for short periods of time, and yes time, time is everything, not forwards or backwards, but a whole. It is the way it is, regardless of forwards and backwards all at the same time. Goodluck! and I wish to see more outcomes.

  8. Omair Adil

    good step..but since scientists are working on model based reality to describe forces of nature and their outcomes, the strength of the concept will depend upon the numbers of interpretations it encompass from diverse fields and expertise.

  9. Scott Edward Farrell

    Well. It is interesting (somehow deep down I knew all that math was a waste of time!). But disturbing to me is the grammatical and other errors – the repeat of paragraphs. The misstate of 1880s when they clearly meant 1980s leaves me a little concerned.

    • From Quarks to Quasars

      The project is entirely run by volunteers. We can’t afford editors haha.

      There was only one repeated paragraph that I saw and I fixed the 1980 error. Thank you for pointing them out. I didn’t notice any other grammatical errors though. I welcome you to point them out (correction, I’m pretty sure I had a comma splice that I fixed).

    • Kyle Wallace

      What disturbs me is the only thing you took from this is someone wrote an 8 instead of a 9. And I am a little concerned that there my not be enough O2 way up there in your ivory tower.

  10. MadVirus

    Well what exactly is theory of everything? Once you have a theory that explains all we can detect, then the next question is what causes “theory of everything” to exist? What is giving it it’s structure, it’s properties, it’s mathematics? There must be laws of physics that allow for “theory of everything” to exist. And that also means that the “theory of everything” isn’t an isolated event; there are more of them that are all slightly different.

    Once we figure out what these laws of physics are (let’s call them A), the next question we will ask is “What causes A to exist”? Suppose we manage to figure out it is B. If B exists, then there must be laws of physics that allow B to exist, which would mean that B isn’t an isolated event either. Let’s call these laws of physics C. What allows C to exist? No matter how much we advance, at some point we will have to stop and ask again “But what is causing that?”. The Universe itself is infinite, with infinite possibilities within it.

    That’s actually what the last picture is about! :)

    • JoshuaFQTQJoshuaFQTQ

      As a completely personal belief of mine, I think we’ll eventually discover a underlying foundation of physics that is as simple as it gets. With those equations, everything else, all possibilities, universes, and laws of physics can be derived. That’ll be the mathematical framework that allows everything else to be. At that point, assuming such a point exists and assuming it’s obtainable, our mathematical inquiry of the universe will end.

      • MadVirus

        But even if it is something as well rounded as “Universe originates in positive and negative, essentially still being zero, or nothing”, then the question still remains “why?”. What laws of physics are causing it to split like that? What is shaping it, giving it it’s properties and mathematics (the way it interacts with itself)?

        There is no way how we can describe all of the infinite Universe, with only such a small perspective that we currently have. You must go beyond the trees to see the forest.

        • SuperDave

          Actually, there is a way to explain “life, the universe and everything” in a sum as simple as, say, “42”. You seem to be hitting the very issue you are having with this understanding but not quite fixing on it. You said, “with only such a small perspective that we currently have”. This mentality is based on our current “reality”. If space/time is actually irrelevant, then our “reality” will, quite literally, change. There will be a new “perception” that will be limited to an absolute mathematical frame.

        • CRAZYpooCHUCKER

          I completely agree, however, think about this. What if the theory of everything really can be absolutely simplified? True, you can always ask “why?” or “how exactly?”, but perhaps not everything really happens for a reason? Or rather, perhaps not everything happens because of something else? You must understand that calculations really can’t be the answer most of the time, and that once we reach the end of the forest, there truly are no more trees to discover. Once we really understand this, then we are seeing the forest in its entirety.

          • MadVirus

            Yes, but if we have the ability to go ‘beyond the forest’, then what is it that allows us to do so? I am not saying that the ‘theory of everything’ can’t be simple. Just like how this little, simple, diagram leads to such complexity that we experience in everyday world… theory of everything is most likely quite simple. A simplicity that creates all universe’s complexity.

            What I am saying is that we can have a ‘theory of all we can observe’, or the ‘theory of all we can explain’. But not the ‘theory of everything’. Universe is always infinite steps ahead of us. We are barely getting a grasp on the 4th dimension… let alone infinite dimensions that there are in infinite universe.

            You might say that I can’t possibly know that. But quite honestly, no matter how I ration, it is the only plausible conclusion. And physicists don’t have a problem with ‘infinite universe’. We have now discovered that Big Bang actually comes from a 4th dimensional black hole. This means that there are more Big Bangs out there (as I have figured out before knowing that fact). It is very likely that this 4D universe comes from a 5D black hole, which comes from a 6D black hole, etc, etc. Even if it isn’t a black hole as we know it, it will be something else.

            I have thought about it a lot. And almost no matter how you look at it, it is very rational to say that the Universe itself is infinite. You might explain BILLION stages into the infinite… which will be HUUUGE improvement, but is still not explaining the infinite.

            Only by having the infinite+1 perspective, can you explain the infinite (going beyond the forest)

          • jugesdebnath

            Can you tell me the starting and ending point in a circle. All the physical events that we see everyday are just the part of that circle. The beginning to the ending.

          • MadVirus

            Yes but again, what is allowing that ‘circle’ to exist? What is giving it it’s properties and mathematics, that allow it to continue going about? There must be laws of physics that allow it to exist, and are giving it it’s properties. These laws of physics could also very well be ‘circular’. Then what allows these laws to exist and to ‘cycle’?

            In a universe that, as you are saying ‘cycles’ itself, it will actually be a cycle within a cycle within a cycle. With us currently observing one small part of one cycle.

            It wouldn’t even be farfetched to say that it is one ‘particle’ that cycles over infinite dimensions so fast, that it appears to us as if we are all separate objects. ‘Fast’ of course is a relative term, since in higher dimensions speed as we know it is irrelevant.

          • Nathan Connolly

            Once again sorry for the criticism, but, the “laws of physics” don’t cause anything to exist, the laws of physics are EXPLANATIONS of observed phenomena they do not “cause” anything, the “laws of gravity” don’t cause objects to fall, “gravity” causes things to fall, not the laws. Laws are a man-made way to make the universe easier for us the comprehend. Laws don’t exist as primary causes.

          • Guest

            Yes of course I realize that the physics we understand is merely an explanation to the phenomena.

            I think that saying “laws of physics” makes sense, but it really doesn’t matter what label you put on it. I am talking more about the concept that the Universe itself is infinite, with every imaginable (and impossible to imagine) possibility existing right NOW.

            Including every possible universe, with all possible laws of physics, and every possible “Theory of everything”. Which of course aren’t “Theory of everything”, but rather “Theory of all we can observe/explain”.

            My main original point was that the Universe is infinite. And that Saying “theory of EVERYTHING” is as misleading as saying BigBANG.

          • MadVirus

            I wanted to delete this comment and place it at the very bottom… but wtf, I can’t delete comments?

        • FeynmanFan

          I would suggest you watch videos of the legendary Richard P. Feynman why “Why” questions….

          I’ll give you a hint… even the nature itself doesn’t know why it behaves that way.

          You need a starting point for the why question since we don’t have one. It is sadly a difficult question to tackle.

    • Nathan Connolly

      No no no–you’re looking at the whole thing backward. The “theory of everything” doesn’t “exist” outside and before the universe as a mathematical cause or anything like that–the theory of everything is an explanation for the phenomena we see today, a theory that shows the causal relatedness of all phenomena. The answer to the question what caused the theory of everything to exist is: “humans” we made the theory of everything and explained it with our own symbols and in terms we can comprehend–it is not a “thing” existing in its own special universe. It is a human activity to understand the universe.

      • MadVirus

        Yes of course I realize that the physics we understand is merely an explanation to the phenomena.

        I think that saying “laws of physics” makes sense, but it really doesn’t matter what label you put on it. I am talking more about the concept that the Universe itself is infinite, with every imaginable (and impossible to imagine) possibility existing right NOW.

        Including every possible universe, with all possible laws of physics, and every possible “Theory of everything”. Which of course aren’t “Theory of everything”, but rather “Theory of all we can observe/explain”.

        My main original point was that the Universe is infinite. And that Saying “theory of EVERYTHING” is as misleading as saying BigBANG

        • Nathan Connolly

          That idea, has no backing at all, why is the universe infinite? what data do we have to support that? It had a finite beginning as far as we can tell, and is deterministic, when we trace out the future in cosmology it doesn’t give us a picture of infinite possibilities at all. To say that the universe is infinite and full of all possibilities is to say that their is nothing particular at all and reality is just a bunch of infinite nonsense going on infinitely–that doesn’t explain anything at all, it’s a completely useless theory, and there is no evidence for it. You might think it sounds cool, but what does it mean? “Everything” doesn’t mean anything that could theoretically exist imagined or incomprehensible, “everything” is what actually exists. How do you know if all possibilities are actually happening? How could you know that? Maybe reality is very finite. Maybe it begins and ends, and that’s it. We have to ask the universe these questions, we can’t just make it up in our heads.

          • MadVirus

            Because whenever you give it a beginning, you have to ask why there is such a beginning. Right now we know that BigBang is a collapsing 4D black hole. Which means that, just like how we have many 3D black holes, there are many 4D black holes, each creating a slightly different BigBang. But scientists knew that there must be more – slightly different – BigBangs even before that, which is how they explained the ‘fine tuned’ universe.

            We already know that the Universe in a sense ‘gives birth’ and ‘evolves’ just like we do. It would only make sense to say that there are also laws of physics (such as 5D collapsing black hole), that create these 4D universes, which in turn create our 3D universes. Then 6D, 7D, etc. If you believe that StringTheory is the way, then there is a phenomena that causes StringTheory, and therefore other slightly different StringTheories.

            If you say that universe begins and ends, then what is causing it to begin and end? There must be a phenomena that is causing that beginning and giving it it’s properties. Then what caused THAT phenomena to begin?

            Everything starts with a concept. You can’t deny that whenever you give Universe a beginning, you have to then ask what phenomena is causing that beginning. Even if you say it splits into positive and negative, while still being 0; the question is then again how come it does that?

            It is a simple and logical concept, that is already backed up by such ideas as StringTheory and evolving Universe (black holes creating new universes). Let me ask you this: what proof would one have to give you for you to accept this concept? Since even if one were super-human and gave you million steps that form google-plex different combinations, and no end in sight… you would still say “well there is no proof that it is infinite”.

          • Nathan Connolly

            Let’s say we figure out the exact mechanics of the big bang, why do we have to ask what caused this? This is your fatal assumption, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ask it, but you assume there MUST be a cause? Why? If the beginning has a cause, it’s not the beginning–like I said before, the only thing for humans to do is explain all phenomena, after that, the job is over. Their is no ultimate reason for “existence” itself, it is a fact, in order to understand existence you have to explain its parts, once you explain it’s parts you’re done, success! I have the same criticism of string theory as many physicists do, it’s not really a theory of “everything” rather it’s a theory of anything, like your idea–If I asked you why do protons have mass, and you said it’s because it’s just one of an infinite possibilities that all actually exist, congratulations you’ve explained nothing, that’s equivalent to saying it is that way because it is that way. This infinite possibilities idea is tautological. All valid questions explain observable phenomena. For example, lets say, we had a full physical description of our universe, perfect, and it explained every phenomena we encountered–what would adding your theory do to explain anything? It would do nothing but help soothe your philosophical misconceptions, it wouldn’t explain existence or anything in our universe at all. Tell me to what question is the infinite possibilities universe the answer?

          • MadVirus

            Ah so you are looking for practical everyday implications? What I described is a concept for the Universe as a whole. Essentially that it doesn’t have a beginning; at least not one that we can comprehend. But I can see how you might not like discussing concepts that do not have obvious, practical, physical implications.

            In that case let me skip all other dimensions, and just focus on the 4th spatial dimension:

            First lets remember the double slit experiment: every atom is in reality a wave, and each atom interacts with every other atom in the universe. Because we are made of these atoms ourselves, we are currently observing ONE of these interactions, as particles (collapsing the wave function).

            Now what are the implications of this scientific fact?

            This means that every arrangement of the universe exists. This ranges from universes where no life, or even matter occurred at all… to universes which look identical to ours, but with a few changes (big or small). This includes one we have now, but where you were never born, or where nazzis won the war. There are many interactions like the one we have now, but where you are dead, and many where you are still alive.

            Now to the fun bit. Lets say you are walking down the street, listening to your ipod, and not see a train coming. That train hits you and you die instantly. However, there is an interaction that is almost identical to that one, with one difference: you looked up, and stopped right on time to not be hit.

            In other words, out of the near-infinite interactions, you will only perceive the ones in which you are alive, since you cannot perceive the ones in which you are dead.

            Now you might ask, how come we witness other people dying? Good question. Lets say you see a guy fall off a roof. Only 0.1% of people who fall off such a height survive. So you almost certainly see him fall to his death. However, there is a slightly different interaction where he fell just right, and survived. Or perhaps a slightly different interaction he fell on something that cushioned him. Because he can only perceive the interactions in which he is alive, from his perspective, he was incredibly lucky.

            You might say that we are only conscious because of interactions of atoms in our brain, but remember that these interactions take place in more dimensions than just the 3 we are used to.
            That is also the solution for Shroedinger’s cat being “dead and alive”. There is an interaction where he is dead, and where he is alive. There is a 50/50 chance that you will observe either one or the other, but both of them essentially exist simultaneously. From cat’s perspective, he will always continue observing the ‘alive’ interaction, since he cannot observe the interaction in which he is dead.

            The basic premise we already know through the double slit experiment: every atom interacts with every other. We just perceive one of these interactions.
            By thinking about the implications of this, rather than just focusing on what we can observe in a regular 3d world, we essentially have a scientific concept of a ‘soul': You will always live, from your own perspective.

          • Nathan Connolly

            The many worlds hypothesis to Schrodinger’s cat is by no means proven but one of many interpretations of quantum mechanics, also it’s untestable and therefore pseudo-science, how can we test to see if the world really does branch off into different realities? I’m not looking for practical, everyday, uses or implications–I mean anything what does your theory explain? Anything? No it doesn’t it’s mere sophistry. Do you believe that somewhere there is a galaxy filled with unicorns fighting a cosmic war? Why? There is no evidence for this. The ethos of science is that we don’t just make up cool sounding philosophical ideas because they sound good to our rationale–you have to have observable data, evidence! If you don’t your wild philosophy is the same as religion. It’s metaphysics not physics. Like I said before what question is your theory the answer to? Does it explain anything? As far as we know today there is only one universe, some physicists do posit a multiverse mathematically, but know one knows that, and certainly not you, and no theories regarding a multiverse have been verified to any degree. Ugh. Learn some actual science.

          • MadVirus

            It is extremely easy to dismiss something without even contemplating it for a minute. Just like that, in a one fellow swoop you have dismissed at least hundreds of qualified physicists, who have written scientific, peer-reviewed studies about the topic. This even includes Stephen Hawking. You might say that you will accept it if I write a peer reviewed study, but there are already thousands (if not more) like it.

            Perhaps you’d be interested reading this to begin with. I’m sure you can find ways to dismiss this as well; if you really want to.But it’s just a tiny fragment of many articles/studies around this matter.

            Many scientific concepts were dismissed and ridiculed, to then be proven true later on. Also many have predicted the outcome, without having all the data yet (For example the elements on a periodic table, or ‘theoretical’ quantum particles like neutrinos).

            What my theory explains? If the idea that you are always fine, and alive isn’t good enough for you, and If you don’t even wish to ponder on a possibility of such implication, then I don’t know what else to tell you. You might as well wait until it becomes common knowledge in a few years time; since that is the only way you will accept the ‘proof’. You could easily dismiss even this article, saying that it is based on nothing but mathematical data; if you wanted to.

            This reminds me of my master-degree in physics friend, who claims that: if there are ETs in our universe, it would be impossible for them to ever reach us, or even communicate with us, since nothing can travel faster than light. He was unwilling to even consider an idea that in 10k years time, we would discover new physics that lets us do things we’ve never even dreamed of before. Not to break the law of physics, but to utilize different ones to bypass our current limitations.

            I have showed him that even right now, we can already use quantum-tunneling, and that NASA is working on a spaceship that bends space-time (even if you say that it’s a concept; just the fact that there is such a concept, should already open your mind up to the possibilities of future discoveries). I was curious what his take would be on this, but he just talked about it in agreement, as if he never even said that it would be impossible!

            Just remember that everything around you – every, single, thing – was considered impossible to achieve at one point. Every generation we make the same mistake of saying “Alright, we know we said this before, but NOW we actually DO know EVERYTHING, and the rest is all impossible”.
            At the end of the day, we have different opinion on the matter, and I am personally willing to agree to disagree. There are many people, including PhD physicists, that backup my beliefs about the Universe. And that is enough for me.

            But on a final note I am just curious: what is your personal explanation for ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ and “Double-slit experiment”?

          • Nathan Connolly

            It’s not that I think it is impossible, I said in an early post to you that it IS possible. It’s a very easy idea to understand, you act as if it is some weird mind blowing idea; ancient hindus talked about it all the time–it’s an old and boring idea. The point I keep trying to put to you, but you keep evading is–General relativity is a good theory because it explains data and makes predictions, quantum mechanics is a good theory because it explains phenomena etc…What does or would this many world idea explain? or predict? If it does neither, there is no good reason to believe in it on faith. Just math isn’t ever enough, that is a confusion people have, science is not math, science uses the tools of mathematics as a way to quantify observations and make models to predict future observations. I think there is no good data to suggest many worlds, do I think it is possible, yes, reasonable at this point, no. I think you just think it sounds cool–personally, an idea that is much harder to comprehend and I find more reasonable is: what if there is only 1 unique universe in existence and it turns out that this is also the only mathematically necessary thing in existence, that I think is much more beautiful and much more plausible, but I don’t know if it’s true. If all possible stuff is happening it makes physics kinda stupid don’t you think? It makes a Theory of Everything impossible. As for Schrodinger’s cat, look, just because the chance of a radioactive decay is probabilistic in quantum physics, it makes it impossible for us to know if the cat is alive or dead–the problem is that theoretically the cat is both alive and dead–this is a problem with our ability to measure a system not proof for a universe that splits into infinite possibilities, here’s why, I call this connollys cage, we put the cat in a cage so we can all see the cat, then if a particle decays, we can observe the cat die–what difference does the box make? Physically it isn’t effecting the rate of radioactive decay? Nope, so what does the box do, that the cage doesn’t? The box stops us from knowing Theoretically the fate of the cat–this is because quantum mechanics is probabilistic in many ways therefore from an initial state we can’t know the fate of the cat, just like we can’t know both a particles momentum & position. Many worlds is a fanciful idea to a paradox that epistemological in nature. More importantly, the question is: out of all the different interpretations of QM how do we decide? We have to have new data or a test to decide, we can’t just choose the one that sounds cool or logical–it has to be decided by science not whim.

          • Fanis Kokkas

            You did the burning is what i mean! :) I enjoyed reading your logical thinking. Good job taking the time to answer.

          • MadVirus

            I wasn’t burned. It’s just obvious that this is not going to lead anywhere. Science is explanation of the phenomena around us. Scientists always claim to be very objective and willing to change their minds, but like all humans they get defensive when their world view is challenged. He for example at no point acknowledged what he thought about the implications of double-slit experiment, even though I have asked him. He has dismissed my honest interpretation of it as “just another afterlife garbage”, even though it is based on legitimate observations of quantum-physics.

            There are thousands of physicists that KNOW there are more dimensions that the 3 we are a part of. Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking are high profile examples. But the very ‘objective’ scientists claim that physicists who actually STUDIED this subject their ENTIRE LIVES know nothing about it and that they are basically just guessing.

            I have spoken to physics friends over my life, and they very often contradict each other when it comes to astro/quantum physics. What’s funnier is that they all assert that THEIR view is the correct one and that the other person is wrong. They will of course give reasons as to why their point of view is better, but both of them have neverending supply of reasons to believe in their own view and dismiss the other. Every one of them thinking that they are correct and everyone else is delusional. At this point it becomes like Christians arguing with Hindus whose God is more real and why.

            All in all it’s just one person with whom our world views disagree, which is why I decided that this argument can go on forever with no point. As I said, there are plenty of people that paint a very clear picture in terms of how quantum-physics interacts with consciousness. Multidimensional universe is as ‘speculative’ as theory of evolution. There are those who believe in multidimensional universe, and those who do not understand it.

            If you disagree then by all means, go write to Stephen Hawking that he is wrong, and that your information is obviously superior. Go write to “Down the rabbit hole” that all of the PhD experts they interviewed are full of shit and that YOU obviously know better than all of them. Because YOU are ‘the scientist’ and YOU are the ‘most objective person’ on this planet. They are all just fools, and your information is OBVIOUSLY superior than that of thousands of others. (not different, but superior)

            I hope you see the fallacy of calling yourself an ‘objective scientist who accepts other points of view’, and then saying that “other scientists are obviously wrong and you are obviously right”.

          • rushing

            To begin with, don’t call “multiversere” a theory, it still is a hypothesis. And he repeatedly says it could be true, but just saying steven hawking thinks its true, doesn’t make it true. Today, its a good hypothesis for the possible causes but is, by no means, definitive. The difference between the theory of evolution and the hyopthesis of multiverses is that the theory of evolution has been tested repeatedly and been proven true to the best of our knowledge. Effectively, we can’t prove either way about multiverses and, as a result, is just a possible explanation.

          • dawnatilla

            HUMANS are so arrogant as to think they can explain everything with their limited 3D physicality , their “evidence” , your “proof” is a joke, because physicality is the flimsiest of information!!!

          • dawnatilla

            A black hole is a portal of creation, other than that, no one knows Shit about it, in reality. The sun is also a portal.

          • dawnatilla

            Nor do you have backing that it DOESN’ , like everyone else, pick the one that you are most comfortable with and shun the other idea like its absurd. A common dynamic.

  11. Ronald Pohlman

    They basically found a way to reduce crazy equations to a vanishing point. The shape is probably a model built along a huge series of graphs based on how particles interact, and when overlaid correctly, point towArds your answer. I rikee

    • Anthony Moisty McMorrow

      I was talking to my friend a little while ago about how maybe consciousness could be another dimension in itself. The observer is required to collapse the wave function and all that. But then I realised that i was heavily stoned. T’was a good evening all in all

    • Dan Nobles

      The existence of natural law is not the issue– physics does not create “laws” in an attempt to cage nature; quite the opposite, physics concerns itself with observing nature in it’s “habitat” and making observations. When the observations lead to reliable predictions of the behavior of a system, whether the ‘system’ is a campfire or the universe, we call it a “law” but the title is, as any honest scientist knows, largely honorific.

  12. Transfixed

    Freaking awesome! This is one of the coolest things I have read in a long time. Very well-written, with just the right amount of simplicity and complexity. Love it!

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  14. ogam5

    …..WHERE is Nassim Haramein in this conversation? One of the earliest to propose that singularities or something akin to what we understand as them, existed at the center of every object in existence, at every level; a quarter-century of HIS painstaking work has brought us closer to a genuine, workable so-called unified theory of quantum and relativistic theory – he JUST published a comprehensive paper with Theresa Lauscher presenting a quantum gravitational mechanism that wasn’t just peer-reviewed, but LAUDED, by MANY physicists…..this new model is interesting in its own right but, seems extremely complicated all the SAME and not especially well-explained – at least not here, with all due respect…..Haramein has eliminated EXTREMELY arbitrary values interjected to produce results satisfying to the various theorists with what he calls, ‘the Schwartzchild proton’ while providing a spin factor to Einstein’s equations and, I would argue, physics has NEVER been made more accessible to the average person – and maybe, that IS a problem for those in this tight-knit community…..

    • Aigars Mahinovs

      Say there is a set of instructions about constructing such a shape – you take the particles you are smashing and write down their properties in the proscribed way, mass X means that length of this side will be X, positive spin means that this angle goes up, … You get a shape (possibly multidimensional). If after all that you can do simple measurements on that shape (like volume or maximum width in dimension A) and get results that always match experimental data for some specific variable outcome of the collision (total energy radiated by neitrinos, sum of spins, …), then you have a great tool. And if this tool with a shape can get the same result as hundreds of pages of text, then there must be some simpler logic behind this whole process and we will just need some wit to formulate it out.

  15. Pingback: A holographic origin for the Big Bang | AstronomicaMens

  16. Casey Menace

    Time and space are just concepts we use to measure our movements. But the more I watch my Grandson, the more I wonder if I’m not looking back through my Grandfather’s eyes at myself. If 45 light years away from where I was as a child the light would take that long to get to me. I would look as I was as a child.

  17. Mark Dacosta

    Let’s not bust the boxers just yet. This is only a tool, there is still the problem of finding a unified field theory.

    And I can prove that the answer is <42!

  18. Casey Menace

    scientists are now considering more and more dimensions. in this same theory. I have to wonder if we are really in a dimensionally reflective bubble. like a holograph of life that allows us so many choices and chances to choose. I think we’d get to see the world from every viewpoint then. all those planets we see out there could just be our world reflecting another choice at us. If we use the same repeating pattern in mirrors on the inside of the flower of life ball and stood inside it, would our reflection disappear?

  19. Noah Nanco

    Ive long said physics introduces to us the suggestion that all fields of science so strongly interact with each other that they should be viewed more of a single science than unrelated specialized fields…

  20. Xei Lex

    On a more positive note. In a parallel universe Scientists already know the Theory of Everything, so why worry on finding out? We already know :D

  21. Patricia Andrews

    What blows me away is that such an awesome discovery could occur on the same planet were mobs of mouth breathing knuckle draggers still don’t understand evolution, or believe manned moon landings were faked and that females should be killed if they learn how to read.

  22. Jeff Martin

    Good job people. Keep up the good work. Hopefully, your work will drag the humanity out the dark ages of fear and ignorance and into the light of curiosity and enlightenment.

  23. Steven Davis

    And yet were still too dumb to treat each other with love and respect. There is a massive contrast of scientific progress and spiritual development on this planet. We truly are kids with big guns. Lets see where this ride takes us

  24. Kvande Roger

    We have to rethink reality, time travel is possible, teleportation, the universe is not distant, everything is close. Here is where I say I have traveled through time to meet myself, and my living and dying in the past. Made possible by a craft from a race with millions of years of learning .

  25. Mark Champion

    People experienced with psychedelics have understood this long before scientists could articulate it. Just the same, I think it is awesome that science is revealing what we have experienced. If there ever was a good feeling its coming to think “wait…this is real” – and then having science explain it.

  26. Nathan Connolly

    Although this article makes it seem like something miraculous is happening, it might just be good publicity; I’ve seen a lot of people not impressed with this who say it’s just nonsense.

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  28. Paul Maher

    Hello, I am not either educated in higher forms of physics, and am not of genius intelligence and would not expect to join any thing at your levels, What I am interested in is what fellows of your caliber have to say about such things as LENR,ZPE and the like.
    Paul Maher

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